One of the questions I ask my clients during their style consultation is who their style inspirations are and why, and I am always fascinated by the answer (especially the “why” part)!

I thought I would share mine with you today. There was no way I was ever going to be able to narrow it down to just one, so here are the three women who are currently influencing my fashion choices.

The “Unexpected Everyday” Inspiration – Princess Diana

Feminine, classic, and not too revealing is probably how I try to dress on a daily basis (particularly at my corporate day job) and I feel like Princess Diana hit the nail on head in those areas and I have been looking more and more to her for fashion inspiration.

I love in particular the way she mixed feminine and masculine, accessorised her looks (especially with those royal jewels) and always kept it classy.

A timeless beauty and style icon.

The “Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up” Inspiration – Elle Ferguson

I’ve said more than once, that one day I am going to throw out everything in my wardrobe and start again, with only pieces that have a boho vibe. In my opinion, no one quite does boho blended with a healthy dose of denim like Australia’s Elle Ferguson.

She is the ultimate tall, blonde beach goddess who does effortlessness so well, I truly admire her for it.

Her looks never look too considered (even though you know full well they are) and I also love that she knows her body well. She clearly knows her assets and does an amazing job playing up to her strength.

A lesson for us all there.

The “Red Carpet” Inspiration – Elizabeth Banks

Granted, my life does not involve walking on red carpets, but if it did, I would want to do it as this woman does!

Why you ask? Well she is without fail always interesting.

She experiments…not only with the colours and silhouettes she wears but with her overall styling. Hair up, hair down, bold make up, softer make up, it seems there literally is no look she is afraid to try and I admire her for it.

It’s something I wish I was braver to do more of myself. I tend to stick with hair make up looks I’m more comfortable with, but next time I’m getting glam I am going to take a leaf our of Elizabeth’s book and try something new.

Bravo to Elizabeth and her stylist, I am your number one fan!

I would love to know, who are your style inspirations and why?


Nat x