I feel so much more confident in making decisions to buy certain items because Nat has given me insight into what works for me.
— Mystrie, Perth WA


I'm Natalie Dignam, the founder of The Other F Word - a West Australian business that aims to help everyday people with their fashion qualms.

Although I work as a qualified accountant, I have often dreamt of a career in fashion and in early 2017, decided to do something about it. A plane ticket and an Australian Style Institute course later, and The Other F Word was born.

The Other F Word means I can combine two things I feel so strongly about: fashion and educating people.

It's so incredibly rewarding for me when I can help someone feel more comfortable and confident in themselves and in what they are wear and how they wear it.


My mission is to give people the opportunity to access Perth styling services regardless of whether they're attending an awards ceremony, getting ready for a ball or just wanting to feel confident about themselves and their wardrobes each day;

It's to change people's perceptions of what stylists actually do, and who actually use them; and

To make my clients, no matter their age, size or budget, look and feel their best in the skin that they're in.

Want to know more about me and The Other F Word's Perth styling services? Get in touch today.