So 2018 has been quite the year, and didn’t it seem to just vanish in an instant. It has been my first full calendar year of operating The Other F Word, and it has seen me meet and work with a whole bunch of new and awesome clients and other businesses.


It totally blows my mind that my little online instagram presence, and sharing my passion for styling and chatting all things fashion has attracted so many awesome women and men who have trusted me to be apart of their styling journey. 


I take the responsibility of working with my clients very seriously and want nothing more than for them to feel good about themselves, the fact that I have been able to share so many laughs along the way is really incredible and I feel really lucky.


I have learnt so much in the past 12 months, from my clients, about my clients, from myself and about myself and I wanted to share some of that with you all here.


We are all too hard on ourselves.

We really are. We all aren’t “something” enough. Pretty enough, smart enough, organised enough, social enough, fit enough…there list is endless.

It breaks my heart a little bit any time I hear a client speak negatively about themselves, even if it’s in jest. We all need to be kinder to ourselves.


Comparison really is the thief of joy.

That other woman you are comparing yourself to, she’s no better than you, no worse than you, she’s your equal.

We all compare, its human nature. Rarely though is it helpful to do so.

Maybe rather than compare and rate ourselves as better or worse than someone we see on the street or even know personally, we should think about what it is in that person we admire and would like to emulate?


Confidence is key!

 One of the things I’ve heard from many of my clients this year is the statement “I could never pull that look off”

Not true! You absolutely can, you just have to try.

The only difference between yourself and the woman you see on the street carrying off something you’re convinced that you can’t, is that she tried!


It feels so amazing to help people.

It really truly does. I knew before I started styling that I would enjoy meeting new people, chatting with them, sharing my knowledge and empowering them.

What I didn’t know is just how amazing it would feel to be able to do so.

I don’t take for granted that people trust me enough to invite me into their lives and homes, share their insecurities with me, trust me to help spend their money and then at the end of it all, send ME messages of thanks because they are feeling better about themselves.

Thanks to all of you who have followed, commented, liked or engaged with The Other F Word over the last year.  

Im looking forward to more style chats in 2019!!

Nat x