SALE. It’s most girl’s favourite four letter word, but should it be? Are sales really as great as we think they are, or are they really just a money wasting trap?

At this time of year with the lead up to the end of financial year, almost all retailers are getting in on the sale action. I woke up this morning to emails from no less than four of my favourite retailers declaring major discounts, and as the month goes on I think that is only going to get worse.

Good luck to me and my “No Buy June” – I’m going to need it.

I don’t think there is a black and white answer to “are sales bad?” but I do think there are definitely some instances in which it’s a better idea to get in on the sale action than others.

When to sale:

  • When you have been eyeing something off for a long time and you have already decided is going to be in your life. It’s sitting in an online wish list at your favourite retailer and then it goes on sale. Bam. Money saved. Perfect.

If you have the nerve to play the waiting game, good on you. Just be prepared to accept the fact that the item you wanted, might sell out in the meantime, which could lead to reckless spending. (See point a) in “When not to sale”)


  • When you are purchasing things on sale which are on your “list”. You know, the list of items that are currently gaps in your wardrobe that you need to fill to make your wardrobe more cohesive. If it’s on the list, and you know you need it and have multiple ways in which to wear it, happy days. If it’s not on the list, I caution, do not add to cart. (See point b) in “When not to sale”)

When not to sale;

  • When the perfect, amazing item you have been eyeing off for ages sells out and you see something vaguely similar that will fill the missing void of the item you love, but missed out on.

This one is really hard to avoid. Feelings are involved. You are suffering a loss of something you missed out on, and now you have seen something sort of ok that will fill the gap…but will it? Likely no. Don’t “settle”, you will regret it.


  • If it’s not on the list. If you’ve seen something really cute, that you just love/have to have/cant live without, but have no use for it, no idea how to wear it, and it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, void at all costs. This is going to be a straight out waste of money. The same applies for the items not being your size. If its too big or too small, but you tell yourself it will be ok once you get it altered, you’re kidding yourself. Step away from the item.


  • When you’re bored / hormonal / hungry. Do we ever make good decisions at these times? Usually not. Go for a run / read a book / have a snack instead.


Other tips to avoiding the madness of sale time;

  • Unsubscribe from all those store newsletters you are opted into. Out of sight out of mind right? Maybe not entirely, but it’s a start right.

  • Set a budget. If you don’t think you will be able to avoid the sales all together, set yourself a dollar value that you’re allowed to spend during this time, and accept once its spent, it’s game over on the spending. I dare say you will make more careful decisions if you only have a set amount of money you’re allowing yourself to spend in the sales.


What are you guys hoping will go on sale soon?

Nat x