//  SORRELL 30, PERTH WA  //

"When I asked Natalie to help me, it wasn't a pretty picture; to say I hated my wardrobe was a huge understatement. I have a 10 month old baby so my body has gone through some changes recently, as has my lifestyle. I am now a 30 year old mum and wanted so much to be a cool, well-dressed mum, not a daggy mum and I was letting myself down. 

Our first of three sessions was a sit down and talk about where I was currently with my clothing/style. Natalie made me feel comfortable and at ease about the whole process. From here the daunting task of the wardrobe audit...this part turned out to be fun and quite liberating. Two thirds of my wardrobe went to clothing donations and I wasn't sad at all.

Natalie conducted a pre-shop before our big shopping date. She went above and beyond on the pre-shop, and had an armful of clothes on hold for me to try on at each store. As I tried everything on, Natalie was super attentive, honest and helpful.

This was the best day of shopping I have ever had in my life. Getting home with armfuls of bags with zero shoppers remorse was such a good feeling.

Our final session was the wardrobe integration, in a short time we created over 20 fabulous new outfits.

Natalie didn't just put outfits together for me, she explained why things worked together, and gave me so so many tips on how to wear all my new clothes and showed me just how versatile my wardrobe now was.

I honestly can not thank Natalie enough for her help. I have had the best time getting ready since our last session, with no meltdowns.

I feel confident, happy and like the cool effortless and fashionable mum I wanted to be."



//  KATHY 53, PERTH WA  //

" For most of my life I have struggled with the concepts of fashion and style. Comfort and function have always been more important to me than how my clothing looked. I would buy on impulse, purely because I liked the colour or pattern of something, I rarely tried items on before I bought them or thought of other items in my wardrobe.

I had no idea what to expect at my first session with Natalie, but she made me feel immediately at ease. A few questions about me, a quick flash card session and suddenly we were reviewing every item in my wardrobe. The experience was fun and enjoyable although at times confronting. Natalie empowered me to stand in front of a mirror - which is no mean feat.

Natalie understood what I wanted and she was able to explain how to achieve it myself. By the end of our first consult my wardrobe was a third of what we started with.

I was so happy about it.

A week later I was dreading clothes shopping. Before Natalie arrived I was uncertain, even a little scared. With Natalie's encouragement and her friendly, confident and excited self, I felt in safe hands. She had done her homework, and prior to the trip made a plan for our shop.

Natalie's selections were spot on, I bought a variety of items which were comfortable and versatile, and in the end it was stress free and so fun.

The final session was spent learning just how versatile my new wardrobe was, to mix and match, dress up or dress down! I now had so many different looks I could achieve - for any occasion. I also had photo references to fall back on as something to remind me of feeling comfortable and confident in my clothes.

I recommend Natalie to anyone wanting to learn about fashion and in need of a confidence boost.

I can not thank her enough for the change she has bought about, not only in my wardrobe but within myself."




"I approached Natalie because I didn't know how to combine different parts of my wardrobe and the result was far greater than I could have expected.

In a short period, Natalie created a perfect look for me and she professionally explained to me what shape, length and colours suit me best.

One of the things I liked most was Natalie's desire to listen to my opinion and completely understand my personal and financial situation.

I found this experience fabulous and extremely productive."