I love weddings. A few years ago I attended 10 weddings in a 12 month period and even though it was a lot, it didn’t burn me out…in fact it made me love them even more.

The main reason I love weddings so much (besides the love in the air, the food & the free flowing wine) is the opportunity to frock up for a special occasion.  

The dress, the hair, the makeup, the shoes, the jewellery, the bag…so many important decisions. The pressure is on.

Now, imagine you are attending the most ogled wedding of the decade….The Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan.

Talk about pressure.

Granted, most of the attention was going to be on the happy couple, but even so it’s a big deal to be invited, and certainly a chance to shine…and in my opinion, many of the guests at the recent royal nuptials did just that!

I noticed a few trends emerge amongst the guests that I am predicting (and hoping) we see on our own shores come warmer weather and spring racing season.

Ladylike Elegance

The necklines might have been high, and the hemlines might have been long, but these women proved you can be covered up, and still look incredibly beautiful.

Bold Colour

Not for the faint of heart, dressing head to toe in a bold colour is a sure fire way to stand out in a crowd. These women found a colour that suited them and nailed their looks.

Point of Focus

A bold shoe? A statement sleeve? These women injected personality into their looks by choosing one element and have it do the talking for them. Bravo ladies.

My top pic for Best on Ground for the day was Lady Kitty Spencer. Princess Diana’s niece wore an incredible dress and hat in an amazing colour, with a beautiful contrasting shoes and bag – her look was flawless.

What look was your favourite?

Thanks for reading, Nat x